Ghianis D wreck, Egypt. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

un atlante delle immersioni fatto dai subacquei per i subacquei
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9 years ago
9 years ago
9 years ago

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Just started (0-1 yrs)
Boat, Dry Suit, Night, Wreck
Occasionally during year
Oxygene Cranleigh

Dive Trips

Lundy Island
2 or 3 times a year
Just few days, One Week
No but I might try it...
Proximity to good dive sites, Warm water, Quality of Accomodation / Comfort, Lack of crowds, Owner/guide knowledgeable about area, Health / Safety, Meet people

Personnal info

United Kingdom
Junior staff
Phoenix, AZ, USA
English, French
Scuba, Sailing, Road biking

Dive Sites

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Liste favoriti

Nr dei siti d'immersione: 5

United Kingdom

5 siti d'immersione

Lundy Island

Sito d'immersione GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Brazen Ward Buono Tutti i subacquei 20 m 1 1
Gannet's Bay Buono Tutti i subacquei 23 m 1
Knoll Pins Grande CMAS * / OW 25 m 2 1
Landing Bay area Grande Tutti i subacquei 16.5 m 1
MV Robert Grande CMAS ** / AOW 25 m 1


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Contatore di dive log: 8

  Date Sito d'immersione My Rating Max depth Dive time  
Mostra 10-08-2010 Brazen Ward 17 m 54 min {TRIP_CELL}
Mostra 07-08-2010 Gannet's Bay 13 m 35 min {TRIP_CELL}
Mostra 07-08-2010 MV Robert 25 m 41 min {TRIP_CELL}
Mostra 06-08-2010 Gannet's Bay 3.5 m 56 min {TRIP_CELL}
Mostra 06-08-2010 Landing Bay area 5 m 36 min {TRIP_CELL}
Mostra 06-08-2010 Knoll Pins 30 m 40 min {TRIP_CELL}
Mostra 05-08-2010 Gannet's Bay 15.5 m 59 min {TRIP_CELL}
Mostra 04-08-2010 Gannet's Bay 14.5 m 43 min {TRIP_CELL}


Viaggi subacquei di AlexSP show AlexSP profile

Contatore di viaggi: 1

  Titolo del viaggio subacqueo Data d'inizio Data di fine Dive logs  
Mostra Lundy Island 04 August 2010 07 October 2010 8


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