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Viaggio: Bali

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Tuesday January 19 2010 10:33:25

Data: da Dec 5, 2009 a Dec 27, 2009

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Off-season experiences in Bunutan, Tulamben and Pemuteran

December isn't recommended as top diving season in Bali by most dive guides because of the rainy season. It is true that the run-off from land caused by heavy tropical rains can effect the visibility negatively. However, there is also good chance that the rain doesn't occur every day or that it doesn't last for too long. In my experience from this trip, the plankton bloom did effect the visibility more than the rains and still the visibility was quite OK (15-20 m). Maybe there was some luck, too, as the locals said that the rainy season was late. For a diver who wants to avoid crowds off-season is very pleasant as you can enjoy the luxury of half-empty to empty dive sites and many times have your private divemaster, too.

Bunutan and Tulamben (Amed area)

The number one attraction here seems to be the Liberty wreck in Tulamben, but there are plenty of other great sites here - most of the accessible from shore or by 5 minutes boat trip. Staying in a resort in e.g. Bunutan guarantees short distance to the divesites and makes the diving days shorter. You can easily make two dives a day and still be back at the resort around 1 or 2 p.m. Naturally, if you want night life, this is not your choice.

Pemuteran and Menjangan Island

In Pemuteran you can enjoy of the proximity of great reefs just about 5 minutes boat trip from the shore. What is even better, it takes only 20-30 minutes by speedboat to Menjangan Island where there are several top divesites in a small area.

New gear for UW photography

For this trip I decided to renew my camera gear completely. What I was looking for was a good point-and-shoot camera with enough features, a reliable housing and an external strobe. What I thought to be an arduous exercise in going through endless number of websites and discussion forums turned out to be quite easy when I found the review Best Underwater Point & Shoot Cameras for 2009 by Berkley White and Jim Decker in Backscatter.

After reading the article the choice was easy: Canon PowerShot G 10, Fisheye FIX G10 + a super wide angle port and Sea and Sea YS-27 strobe. The camera is really great and the housing made of black cast aluminium is truly pro stuff. The nice thing about this combo is that even without the strobe gear they are negatively buoyant. Currently it is possible to get Fisheye housing for G 11, too, if you want the latest model of Canon.


This time thanks go to Eco-Dive in Jemeluk, especially to my divemaster Komang. In Pemuteran I wish thank The Sea Rovers, their divemasters Made and Wayan and the manager Paul. All are very knowledgeable of their sites' ecology and are capable of finding also the small critters like pygmy sea horses and ghost pipefish. Both operators are run with relaxed and professional style.

For the fast and friendly service my thanks to Backscatter in Monterey, California. It took less than 3 days for them to deliver my new UW gear from US to Finland.





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  Date Sito d'immersione My Rating Max depth Dive time Author  
Mostra 25-12-2009 Napoleon Reef 22 m 61 min tuuq Bali
Mostra 24-12-2009 Close Encounters 20.1 m 60 min tuuq Bali
Mostra 21-12-2009 Peti 19.8 m 60 min tuuq Bali
Mostra 21-12-2009 Cave Point 26.1 m 49 min tuuq Bali
Mostra 19-12-2009 Bunutan wall 27.1 m 41 min tuuq Bali
Mostra 17-12-2009 Seraya 18.4 m 59 min tuuq Bali
Mostra 17-12-2009 Kubu 26.6 m 43 min tuuq Bali
Mostra 15-12-2009 Jemeluk 26 m 36 min tuuq Bali
Mostra 13-12-2009 Tulamben Drop-off 23,7 m 44 min tuuq Bali
Mostra 13-12-2009 Batu Kelebit 25.4 m 41 min tuuq Bali
Mostra 11-12-2009 Bunutan wall 27 m 35 min tuuq Bali
Mostra 11-12-2009 Pyramids 20.7 m 44 min tuuq Bali
Mostra 09-12-2009 USAT Liberty Wreck 22 m 44 min tuuq Bali
Mostra 09-12-2009 USAT Liberty Wreck 25.5 m 38 min tuuq Bali
Mostra 19-12-0200 Jemeluk 25.4 m 36 min tuuq Bali
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