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 Bonaire Island

America Centrale

"Bonaire is world renowned for its excellent scuba diving and is consistently rated among the top shore diving and Caribbean diving locations in the world. In fact, Bonaire's license plates carry the logo Diver's Paradise in English. The island is ringed by a coral reef that is easily accessible from the shore along the Western and Southern sides. Furthermore, the entire coastline of the island has been declared a marine sanctuary, preserving local fish life. Bonaire is also consistently recognized as one of the best destinations for snorkeling.

The coral reef around uninhabited Klein Bonaire is particularly well conserved, and it draws divers, snorkelers, and boaters.

In addition to its rich marine preserve, Bonaire is also famed for its flamingo populations and its donkey sanctuary.

Washington Slagbaai National Park, located at the north side of the island, is an ecological preserve. The highest point of Bonaire, Brandaris, located within this preserve has a complete view of the island.

Lac Bay on the eastern side of the island is a windsurfer's paradise. Locals Taty and Tonky Frans in 2004 were ranked in the top five of the world's freestyle windsurfing professionals."

Posizione: Bonaire island is part of Netherlands Antilles.
Coordinate geografiche: 12° 6' N, 68° 10.2' W
Linea di costa km: km
Pericoli naturali:

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Zone (2) Siti d'immersione Sotto zone
Bonaire North 43 0
Bonaire South 34 0

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Siti d'immersione

Siti d'immersione (2)
Qualità Profondità media Profondità massima Esperienza Tipo d'immersione
Ebo's Reef - / -
12 m 27.4 m Tutti i subacquei
Knife - / -
18.3 m 24.4 m Tutti i subacquei


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Andrea I
Bonaire Island

Andrea I
Bonaire Island

Andrea II Bonaire
Bonaire Island

Boca Bartol North
Bonaire Island

 Dive logs

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Oil Slick Leap
Von roelof.blankers
Jun 23, 2016
nachtduik - een heel bijzonder fenomeen gezien,namelijk het paren van een klein soort bacterie oid

Front Porch
Von roelof.blankers
Jun 23, 2016
checkdive op bonaire - Leuke duik, schildpad, stonefish en inktvis gezien
pieterdevis avatar
Von pieterdevis
Mai 10, 2016
Tolo #61 - Tolo was our first dive outside Buddy's resort. On the way, look out for the yellow stone marks. By lack of size comparison, in the books these look bigger than they actually are. What is described as a shore dive is not so easy everywhere, som

Buddy's Reef
Von Tanduay
Nov 15, 2013

Buddy's Reef
Von Tanduay
Nov 15, 2013

 Viaggi subacquei

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Reise: Bonaire island
Von Tanduay
Von Nov 8, 2013 bis Nov 15, 2013
Dive center : Buddy Dive
mreuvers1975 avatar
Reise: Bonaire 2012
Von mreuvers1975
Von Mai 26, 2012 bis Jun 10, 2012


Reise: Bonaire Island
Von Tanduay
Von Nov 23, 2011 bis Nov 28, 2011


Reise: Bonaire Island
Von Tanduay
Von Nov 7, 2009 bis Nov 13, 2009


Reise: Bonaire Island
Von Tanduay
Von Okt 27, 2007 bis Nov 3, 2007



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